Tucked into a Chevron gas station, Rudy's Kitchen is one of Frisco's best hidden gems. hand-rolled, handmade tortillas & gorditas complement a bevy of authentic, slow-cooked meats from classics such as el pastor to more adventurous options such as lengua and cabeza


family run. family owned. family made.

Rudy and Claudia are the owners of Rudy's Kitchen. Opened in 2016, Rudy's Kitchen has become a dining destination for guests from across the DFW Metroplex. Claudia runs the counter and Rudy runs the kitchen. Veterans of the food industry, they decided to take their authentic recipes from Mexico and give hungry transplants a taste of home. Awake at 5'o clock in the morning and staying hours after closing, Rudy and Claudia don't see Rudy's Kitchen as just a business, but as a real, emotional, tangible expression of home. It's no surprise that even though Rudy's Kitchen is hidden in a gas station convenience store that they are still able to transport their guests back home with them. A wide assortments of tacos and burritos with a rotating assortment of specials, Rudy's Kitchen is not a standard taqueria, let alone a standard Mexican restaurant. Rudy's Kitchen is a physical representation of home for the owners and for their guests.



Fresh Ingredients.

handmade tortillas.

welcome to rudy's kitchen